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Published on May 2, 2011

  1. They reported late last night that Osama bin Laden was killed. I feel strangely numb about the whole thing. I’m glad justice was done (at least, as close an approximation of justice as can be done in this world), but part of me hesitates to rejoice in the death of another. As evil as he was, he was still an image-bearer of God, however corrupted and twisted that image might have become. But, on the other hand, there are many verses in the Word where David, a man of an upright an pure heart (but a man nevertheless), pleads with God to avenge him, and tells God how much he hates his persecutors (see the end of Ps. 139 for an example). Is that prescriptive? I don’t know. Suffice it to say that while I firmly believe bin Laden was killed justly, and by the proper agents to perform such a task, it’s still a strong reminder we live in a fallen world desperately in need of redemption. I’ll leave it at that.
  2. I’m sure the link will stop working eventually, but for the time being, enjoy this. Make sure you listen to the 250 GTO—the sound is like catnip for a car buff. Unbelievably good.
  3. Luke and I went stargazing for the first time Friday night. He stayed up late, until it got dark, and we went out there around 9 p.m. We used his new telescope, the one he got for his birthday, and it worked well. It was a really “productive” first time, and I was happy about that. We saw Arcturus, Capella, Sirius, Betelgeuse and Spica, as well as Saturn and the Beehive. I was really proud of Luke; he remembered from his excursions on Google Sky that Saturn was supposed to be in Virgo this time of year, and sure enough, when I checked the star charts, there was a “star” in that constellation that wasn’t “supposed” to be there. And it was Saturn. Pretty neat. We both had a great time.

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