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Published on April 2, 2018

  1. Well, I relented on watching SAO with P. Sure, it has some borderline-objectionable content, but nothing worse than your average primetime sitcom, and I’ve been staying an episode or two ahead of our joint viewing, so I can skip or fast-forward scenes that cross the line. It’s tough to find time to sit and watch it together, though.
  2. I dreamed last night that I moved to Japan. I was staying with at my friend Jeff’s, who lived in a kind of one-story duplex in the heart of downtown Tokyo. He had a carport that held a vintage pace car Mustang and a late-model Dodge Challenger. The house was built in the ’60s and the interior decor had that flavor. I had forgotten all my clothes in the move, didn’t know a lick of Japanese and had absolutely no job prospects.
  3. I’m glad I can still dream, and remember my dreams. I don’t know that I ever envisioned a day when I wouldn’t be able to, but it give me a sense of satisfaction just the same to know that I still can. It feels like a kind of mental barometer; as I age, as long as I can still recall my dreams, I’ll know my mind is in a good place.

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