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the snow turned into rain

Published on December 23, 2017

  • Current favorite song: EBTG, “Tender Blue.” The intro tips its hat to the Flamingos’ version of “I Only Have Eyes for You.” It’s a nice touch.
  • As a kid, I observed the adults around me and remember feeling there was a great gulf between childhood and adulthood, and not understanding how exactly one would get there from here. Grown-ups were fundamentally different people than kids in some qualitative way. Looking back on it now, it’s been one long continuous process of learning little things a few at a time. There was no abrupt switch or crossover point, and we remain the same people we’ve always been.
  • Washed both cars today, the last day I’d have been able to do it before the weather gets significantly colder (tomorrow’s high is only 49°, in contrast to 67° today). Used the rubbing compound to get a bit of parking lot rash out of the Mazda’s bodywork. And although I’ve resigned myself to the fact that it’s a losing battle trying to keep the cats off the BMW in the garage, I’m going to try—I put up the hood and trunklid as soon as I moved it inside. Need to put the smoke machine on it tomorrow so I can see if there’s anything I need to order next week before the next—and hopefully last—work trip back to NC next weekend.
  • Working my way through Neon Genesis Evangelion (the original series) at the moment. Far too adult to share with P, but it’s interesting to me. Not as “grounded” as Cowboy Bebop, but thought-provoking in different ways. Very syncretistic.

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