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Published on December 19, 2017

  • Trying to get the NC house fixed up to sell. My dad has been an absolute rock star in helping me work on it; relentless in his efforts to assist. I can’t thank him enough.
  • Pen and I continue to listen to music in the car on the way to school in the mornings. I’ve been trying lately to pique her interest in less electronic sounds, with limited success.
  • It’s been ages since I’ve been on a trip of any sort. The last time I was in an airplane was 2013, and before that 2008. Hard to believe how little I’ve flown recently when it was such a staple activity of the first part of my life.
  • I’ve been up late almost every night over the past couple of weeks working on freelance. I’m grateful for the work (if effectively paid for Christmas) but goodness I’m tired.
  • The kids are very, VERY into Harry Potter at the moment.
  • I haven’t run in a couple of weeks. I’ve changed my route so that now I’m running around the neighborhood instead of through the sketchy areas around our subdivision, so at least the runs are more relaxing—but it seem I still need motivation to get out there. Part of the issue is the aforementioned fact that the kids are into Harry Potter; they beg me to read extra chapters/pages and it’s invariably close to 10 PM by the time we finish reading and L goes to bed.
  • I’ve lost close to 7 lbs just by moving to Coke Zero from regular Coke. It’s nice I suppose, but I still need to be exercising. At least the daytime gym visits haven’t tapered off.
  • My mom is interested in getting a new car. I keep pushing for a Mazda CX-9, but I think she’ll end up getting an Audi Q5 or a VW Atlas or Tiguan.

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