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like christmas day without you

Published on August 3, 2017

it’s cold and there’s nothing to do

Josh and Jonathan made good points on Tuesday when I (hesitantly) shared with them D’s and my long-term desire to move to the mountains: For spouses, and even kids, to be so completely in sync about a move is a rare enough thing that it’s not situation to be dismissed out of hand. D and I have so little in common on a superficial level—i.e. things that aren’t theology or philosophy or politics and are easy to talk about and get excited over—that a move may be a very real way to foster closeness. As reasons to move go, that’s a pretty good one, especially on top of all the other intrinsic mountain qualities pulling us that direction.

Speaking of the mountains, the frequency with which my parents visit the area is amazing to me, especially considering it’s a 5.5-hour drive for them from Chapel Hill. Needless to say, I don’t think either of them are really dragging their feet when the other decides another trip is a good idea. I find it hard to imagine they won’t be moving there long-term, or at least buying property in the area and spending a good chunk of the year there. Makes me happy to think about that possibility.

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